Nokia Lumia 920: Honeymoon might already be over

Well, I got my cyan 920 on Friday. Was in love when I saw it. Took great photos this weekend--love the camera. But I barely use this phone compared to how much I used my 3.7" single-core Android just last week, and I find myself going back to my Android when I'm home on wifi to use Instagram, sleep tracker, Google Tasks, and Chrome.

WP8 is gorgeous and fluid and fun, and the hardware of this 920 is the tits. I thought I'd be able to get by without the apps, without the Google integration, but... I'm not sure that's the case after all. Like others say: there aren't many mainstream apps available, and the ones that are are updated too infrequently (how many apps are there for WP8 proper at this point? And how quickly will this change?). I brushed this off as a minor point, but now owning the 920, I can't ignore it. Furthermore, modern mobile sites are tailored to webkit--I get some weird renders using IE10 more often than I'd like, although the browser is otherwise very fast.

I'll keep using this for the next week and see if my feelings change, but if they don't, I think I'll return it within my 14-day return period and go back to my $35 prepaid plan with my dinky but useful One V.

Anyone else feeling this way?