Vuzix is set to battle Google's Project Glass with its upcoming M100 smart glasses. We saw a prototype version of the company's display glasses at CES earlier this year, and now the new hands-free unit's SDK is ready to reach the hands of developers. The M100 is equipped with a camera capable of 720p video, 4GB of flash memory, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and can project a WQVGA display. According to Android Central, the smart glasses are running a customized version of Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich, allowing users to download apps directly to the wearable unit. Through the headset, wearers can view video, text messages, email, and listen to audio when synced with a device.

Details regarding price and availability have yet to be announced, but those who purchase the SDK for $999 starting next month will receive an early production unit of the M100 when they become available. In comparison, the prototype Explorer Edition of Google Glass went up for pre-order during the company's I/O conference in June, with the $1,500 units expected to ship early next year.