Windows Phone 8 Is A Terrible OS

Got to use a Lumia 920 yesterday for a few hours. I have extensive experience using iOS and Android over the past 5 years.

Windows Phone 8 is a mess. I currently see 6 major issues.

1. The tile screen transitions are incredibly annoying. The first few times I saw them I actually thougth they were pretty cool but I was shocked that I could not shut off this transition in Settings. After a while I grew to hate these transitions.

2. App management is a disaster. Games aside, you cannot organized any of your apps. You are forced to scroll a vertical listing that is listed alphabetically and cannot be organzied in any way. What a complete oversight. Having the opportunity to group your apps in folders is essential.

3. The white numbers on the tiles are very easy to overlook. Unlike a red number that makes it easy to see what is waiting for you within an app in iOS/Android, you are forced to look at white numbers, that again make it easier to miss things.

4. No unified notification area. In fact you'll need to pin a tile on your homescreen if you don't want to miss anything in general.

5. This is specific to the 920 and not software related. It's heavy. And huge. And uncomfortable to use after a while. The 8X clearly is the superior choice of hardware. Can Nokia ever make a WP that isn't a brick?

6. A distant 3rd in apps. Where is the variety of podcast apps? Browser apps? Instagram?

Maybe WP can be great someday. Right now, it still has a lot of issues and shortcomings.