Nexus 4 - 16 GB: KEEP TRYING to get one, look what happened to me!

OK guys, something totally unexpected.

I was one of MANY that had my nexus 16 GB in the cart just to see it vanish by the error page and then followed by the "Coming Soon" insult. (this at the very first minutes BEFORE the official launch hour).

The above happend around 11.30 AM (EST). Around 4 hours later around 3.30 PM EST (very well over the time of launch that lasted only few minutes), I went back and refreshed their product page as a maniac (I insist, hours after my first attempt), and suddenly...

The "Notify ME" button got replaced with the ADD TO CART button. My breathing just stopped and I proceed with purchase praying the system wouldn't fail me again.... next thing I know, I got their confirmation email. Take notice at the places surrounded by squares:


My question then is: Since my credit card has not been charged (indeed, I checked), yet the transaction DOES appear in my Google wallet transaction history (along with the "Delivered in 3-5 business days status), do you guys think that I will be getting my device as part of the initial stock? (those who were actually able to get one this morning, they did had their credits card charged, unlike me, which is the main reason of my wondering).

What do you guys think?