Why I'm Excited about the Future of Apple

I'm going to keep this short and simple.

1. New turnover in the software department. With new faces and none of that Scott Forstall mucking up anything, we should start seeing a lot more innovation in the software department. I'll be the first to say that skeumorphism (while fine in some places) is ridiculous in others. I like a little character in apps (the texture added to the notifications screen is good) but the way that he constantly added it to everything (goddamn pool table Game Center) needed to be changed. Jony Ive will inject a lot of his classic "form follows function" idealism, and should make iOS a much better place.

2. Essentially ideal hardware. I honestly cannot complain about any of the hardware Apple currently has. The iPhone 5 is a thing of beauty, and adding NFC is the only thing I can see them changing right now. Otherwise, it has every feature possible, and with incremental updates to the processor and battery, they won't really need to make a major update for many years. This applies to their laptops as well. The rMBP is one of the best laptops to come out in a long time, and while I've never liked the iMac, I don't really see a need to change it either. This opens up major changes to the OS, as they no longer have a need to wow people with hardware.

3. Distancing themselves from other companies. Some may view this as a problem, but I view it as a chance for Apple to continue what they've been known for: innovating. Moving away from Samsung chips and screens as well as Intel and Google can make Apple link their software and hardware even better than they usually do.

I honestly think this will be great year for Apple. Hardware has peaked at a new high level, and turnovers have made the software future look exciting. If you agree or disagree please post in the comments.