Another example of Adobe leading itself into oblivion

For over a year now, my sister and I have been running a business selling personalized children's books. I came up with the idea when my wife was reading a book to our then 3-year-old daughter. I've done all the technical and programming work. My sister has done the authoring and project management.

Early on, I decided to offer eBooks. They have proven to be about a third of our sales. I offered them up as .pdf's, and .epub's (for apple devices). The .pdf's are created using tools in C#. Everything worked fine, until our customers recently began reporting that they are receiving error 14 when trying to open our eBooks with Adobe.

Upon doing research, it appears that Adobe is intentionally making its latest iterations of Adobe LESS compatible with .pdf documents that are not generated by licensed Adobe software. They are intentionally breaking Acrobat Reader in order to force sales of their bloated, buggy PDF creation tools.

Rather than go through the expense and process of attempting to integrate licensed Adobe PDF creation software, we have chosen to develop our own HTML-based solution for delivering our eBooks to customers.

While Adobe's intent is to increase revenue by forcing individuals to buy their over-priced software, they are simply driving people such as myself away from the platform. Over time, they will lose more customers than they gain using these tactics.

Pisses me off. That's all.