Google kept low Nexus 4 stock on purpose

Is it just me or is this a joke? The only way Google sold out *all* Nexus 4's is that they had an extremely low stock in the first place. It's highly possible they did this just for the press release of "Hey, our phone was so popular, we sold out in 20 minutes!"

Well of course! If you produce 10 phones then you are going to sell them pretty fast. What I don't understand is why Google decides to produce so few, and then shaft those of us who don't refresh the page every 2 seconds, making us wait weeks for the next batch. Personally, I think it's a bad move - by making customers expecting to buy a phone wait weeks, they lose interest in the phones.

Also, what's with no pre-orders? This seems completely unlike Google - unorganized and horrible customer service. How does Google expect to retain potential customers with no pre-orders? They would have my money if they allowed for a pre-order, but I will probably look for other phones that are produced in batches of larger than 10 now.