Microsoft.. Did you forget about us?

I'm not going to go into my full out rant about this. But seriously. Where in the world is the update? Windows phone 8 is already out, and the only comment Microsoft has made on 7.8 is that "it will be available some time after Windows Phone 8 is released." Well no shit, Microsoft. I get that Microsoft is probably still on their high from releasing WP8, but they need to get over it, launch the Lumias, and update MY Lumia 900. Literally so annoying. Do they even remember how they got to this point of the OS? Remember Mango, the thing that came before WP8? As you can probably tell, I'm completely done with Microsoft. I just really need an update to hold me over until Christmas when I will unwrap a shiny new Nexus 4. Also, I have some complaints about the overall WP OS. As far as I've seen, no one has mentioned this before. The scrolling. It sucks. There is waaaaay to much friction while scrolling and it causes MAJOR thumb fatigue. Especially in an OS where scrolling is such a major part of it, why can't they let it slide just a little faster? Android is good at it, the iPhone is GREAT at it. I personally wouldn't have gotten the Lumia 900 if I knew the scrolling was so bad. Also there's no scrolling inertia. So you have to keep moving your thumb, and moving your thumb, and moving your thumb. I'm not hating. I love the Windows Phone concept. They just really need to fix these things to make me and I'm sure many more users happy. Also there should be homescreen wallpapers. And if not that, just some colors besides black and white. Well it looks like this did turn into a little rant :). Whoops. Sorry if you love Windows Phone and this totally offends you, but if you agree I would very much like to hear about it and possibly your concerns about WP also. Thank you!

Btw I typed this on my Lumia 900