Non Removable Batteries- Possible Solution.

Many people are clearly upset with not having removable batteries. And for some, I can understand why. You may not have an opportunity to be near an outlet and the need to recharge may come up.

Throwing in a fresh battery can be a life saver.

But what about the new phone you just ordered, or plan on buying? You know it has a sealed battery, yet you've convinced yourself that its okay. You'll just stretch out that battery life until you get home.

Well, I've come across a most obvious solution for myself. It's one that many iPhone users have been employing for years, and even a lot of Android users.

The solution: Mophie Juice Pack

These small packs can easiely recharge your phone while on the go. Whether its sitting in your pocket or in your work desk, its a very cheap, viable solution to having to be stuck with an non removable battery.

Again, I know many of you may have already been using these, but for those that haven't considered it, I would definetly suggest looking into it.