Why I am reluctant to join the iPhone crowd.


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First of all, let me clarify. I am an Android user who loves his iPad. I have used iPhones in various situations from my friends and family, and I can say that despite the noticeably annoying influences of Scott Forstall, I still like iOS. The iPhone 5 is a fantastic product, and I am glad to see Apple retain status atop the hardware design mountain. I have considered moving on from my Verizon Galaxy Nexus, but I fear that I will not join the Apple camp. Why? Apple's new strategy of 'updating' products every six months scares me, and surely others away from buying Apple products on contract. If Apple somehow were to reach an unlocked price point at least in the same ballpark as Google, I would be alot more inclined to take the plunge. (I am not demanding a $299 iPhone unlocked, but at least in the $399 range).

Am I just stupid for not loving the iPhone 5 and spending $300 on contract to get one now? I think not, as I am sure that an iPhone 5s awaits us all in the coming 6 months, and will rustle all our early-adopter jimmies, keeping us hopelessly running on the upgrade treadmill.