I am new to Android, but I have to stay with Verizon.

So I am eligible for a free early upgrade today on Verizon, and coming from and iPhone, I would like to get an Android phone.

Ideally, by wants in order is:

  1. stock Android and updates (whether Nexus or accomplished by ROMs,
  2. Good battery life
  3. Good hardware/build quality

I was thinking about getting the Nexus, but it feels really outdated to me and it seems to have poor battery life.The verdict isn't out yet on the Droid DNA. I deplore touchwiz and Samsung in general, so that is two strikes against the GS3.

Really, I want a Nexus 4 but stupid Google/Verizon won't make a CDMA model, same thing for the One X. If you had an upgrade today, which phone would you get.
Another option is to just wait. I really don't think Verizon has a strong phone portfolio right now, and it disappoints me that they aren't getting the flagships.

I am also thinking that the DNA is like the Rezound. Great hardware that HTC is testing out, but terrible software and build. Will there be a new One X in the Spring based of updated specs of the DNA like the One X was a much better updated version of the Rezound?

So should I get a phone now and which one, or should I wait for a possible One X update/other phone.