Anyone else with double orders from the Play Store that they can't cancel?

I thought I'd missed out completely on 16gb nexus 4s when they went up. The checkout kept crashing at the last screen before the dreaded "Coming Soon" was back on the page. Then, lo and behold, I get two confirmation emails.

"AWESOME!" I said to myself.

I went into Google Wallet to cancel this second order... and nothing. Put in my order number to the cancel page and no response or change to my purchase history.

I figured it was because the store was so wrecked by the traffic so I call the Nexus Support number only to get a courteous British man telling me that, "Due to unexpected call volume related to the release of the Nexus 7 my call could not be answered."

So I gave it a few hours to settle down and called again. I was then told that it was impossible for them to cancel any order after an hour and that even the supervisors do not have this power. The guy said, "Only a top google exec would have that power."


I explained that I'd tried to cancel it before but could not due their issues and he said that several people have had the same issue today. Play Store's official solution to this unfortunate problem is to just refuse shipment so that it gets returned and they'll issue a refund.

What bat-shit-crazy solution is this? My credit card hasn't even been charged yet! Madness! This is not the way to run a store.

Anyone else experience something similar today?