My ol' Nexus 7 got 4.2 right now... AMA.

Click here for link to The Verge's article: Android 4.2 for Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 available to download now (update)

Couldn't get my Nexus 4 today (Play Store website is blocked at work, try refreshing and ordering something in the stock CM7 browser on an HTC EVO 4G and tell me how it goes haha) so here I am feeling kinda bummed... got home at 7pm and forced an update... no dice. But checked again about 15 minutes ago and BOOM: 3votl_medium


I immediately took a screenshot and then tapped "Install Now" so unfortunately I do not know what it said in the "More Info..." section.

Anyhoo, I figured I (and others) could use this thread to give a lowdown to those curious as to what made it and how it works. (I'll update as we go along.)

#1 - Miracast
don't know how to initiate or turn it on, so I'm not sure how to test it... been hearing it is not a part of the N7 4.2 update

#2 - Notification Shutter + Quick Settings
In both portrait and landscape, I can access both... although it does actually take after the Nexus 10 in that you swipe down from the left 2/3rds of the top of the screen to pull down Notifications, and swiping on the right 1/3rd (over towards the time and radio signal icons) brings up Quick Settings... so it does NOT use the two-finger-swipe-down as the Nexus 4 does, which is what I was expecting for this screen size (at least in portrait)

UPDATE1: I used to have problems trying to pull down the shutter (if you didn't pull ALL the way down it would just close back up) but now they shrunk the shutter to fit the number of notifications you have... it won't take up your whole screen and a quick flick is all it takes to show it

#3 - Lockscreen Widgets
Neat, but not sure if I like it... it's basically a bunch of homescreens on your lock screen, think "cards" a la Nova/Apex launcher but only having widgets, and only taking up the top 2/3rds of the lock screen (with the unlock ring on the bottom third) ... we'll see if it grows on me... as of right now I'm seeing that my options are to only add a Digital Clock (more than one on a "lockscreen homescreen", for different locales), Calendar widget (nice!), Gmail widget, and the Shazam-esque Sound Search widget

UPDATE1: the default "lockscreen homescreen" is the one farthest to the right, so no matter which one you left up when you unlocked, it'll jump back to the farthest right screen when you go to unlock again... you can reorganize them by long-pressing and then swiping around to change the order

UPDATE2: at first I was bummed they removed Google Now from the lock ring, but it's just been moved down to where the Home button would be... so swiping up from the bottom on the lock screen will bring up GNow, just like when you're staring at a homescreen

UPDATE3: power on the screen, tap on the time, everything dims but a square area around the lock screen, swipe to unlock, and you're in the clock app!

#4 - Multi-User Support
the Quick Settings shutter does have me as a user and there is the option to Add Users in Settings (remember, it's over on the Quick Settings shutter now, not at the top-middle of the Notifications shutter)

UPDATE1: it pulled my G+ profile pic for my user image in Quick Settings!

#5 - Google Now
I got the new GNow update in the Play Store a while back... stocks, appointments, flights, movies, concerts, birthdays, etc. have been a part of my experience for a while now... still takes longer than I'd like to pull it up, but it comes back instantly after you have had it open in the past few minutes

#6 - Gesture Typing
pretty good, got 13 out of 14 words correct on my first go... I was an avid Swype user for at least a year on my EVO 4G before Swiftkey X came along and stole me away... I'll definitely be giving this a huge try

#7 - HDR Mode and Photo Sphere
no camera app, no way to try it :-/

#8 - Daydream
Clock, Colors, Google Currents app, Photo Frame, Photo Table... those are your options!

UPDATE1: you can set the Daydream Mode to kick in when docked, charging, or either... also, EASTER EGG: tapping on Android 4.2 in your Settings->About Tablet brings up the Easter Egg for the big red Jelly Bean, long-pressing the big red Jelly Bean let's you flick around smaller jelly beans... once you do this, it unlocks a "BeanFlinger" option in Daydream Mode!

#9 - Task Switcher (thanks to Zecharixs for pointing this out)
new animations! tapping on the task switcher button will send the active app zooming down into a thumbnail, choosing an app then slides the thumbnail up to fullscreen

#10 - Clock App (thanks to Jigolo for asking & orangestrat for uploading pics)
this is all Holo'ed out! Countdown Timer, Desk Clock, Stopwatch ... Holo-ified 'card' layout (swipe left and right to switch between), digital/analog clocks option in settings

#11 - Developer Options (thanks to edwardpeek for pointing this out)
in Settings->About Tablet, tapping repeatedly on 'Build Number JOP40C' will still enable the Developer Options setting, but he found they added an option to 'Simulate Secondary Displays' with the following options: /None/720x480 mdpi/1280x720 tvdpi/1920x1080 xhdpi/1280x720 tvdpi and 1920x1080 xhdpi/

#12 - UI Changes
- dock icons have shrunk! (hat tip to Darth Something Cool But Evil)
- clock app stylized!
- less blue, more white?

*** ISSUES ***
- performance/lag? Sometimes takes apps a while to open, UI lag all over the place (hat tip to smackel)
UPDATE1: my tablet seems to be back to normal tonight, so maybe a bit of rest does wonders?
UPDATE2: Lag Fix: blame Google Currents! Specifically, Currents doing background sync
UPDATE3: 4.2.1 update to fix missing December issue is now rolling out