Android 4.2 Lockscreen: Locked in with a bad new look

Hi Everyone, Just got the 4.2 update on my nexus 7, love the accounts so others can use my tablet without me being worried and the new pull down for notifications/settings works great. The clock app also looks great, love the analogue clock redesign but the digital one looks a bit naf. One thing I don't love is the new lock screen, here's why: - The clock on the lock screen looks crappy, the new font used on it isn't great and I can't see a way to change it to the old version or that sexy new analogue clock. - The lockscreen widgets seem a bit pointless to me, the whole point of locking the device for me is so random people CAN'T look at my calender or emails - There is so much space on the lock screen, maybe make the pattern unlock a bit larger, or a nicer and larger clock perhaps would work. Personnaly it just doesn't feel as slick or look as great as previosly. FYI I use pattern unlock so things may be better with other unlock types. What do you guys/gals think and have you found any way around that horrid digital clock?