Nexus 10 - a good replacement for a laptop?

I've been planning to buy an Ultrabook/Hybrid for a long time, but seeing that most offers are either heavy(Vaio T13), the battery doesn't last as much as I would want it to (Taichi 21 and the Vaio Duo last about 5 hours on max power saving mode) or the screen is not that responsive (Lenovo Yoga), I've decided to buy an Android Tablet.

Since the Asus Transformer Infinity and the Note 10.1 have plenty of performance issues, and I can't stand Apple as a company to buy their products, the Nexus 10 grabbed my attention (considering the fact that it's smaller cousin, the Nexus 7 is one of the best tablets money can buy). At a decent price of 500$ it seems to me as a cheap, but extremely powerful portable computer(essentially that's what tablets have recently become). Furthermore, i can keep some of the savings and gather some more and wait for 4th gen Intel CPU Hybrids next year which most likely will be more portable, more powerful and the touchscreens will most likely be improved.

I know some might suggest the Atom Windows 8 tablets, but i find them too expensive for what they can do(which is touchscreen with limited processing power and a lot of storage). I have solved the problem of storage on the Nexus 10: USB OTG cable via USB Host and add an additional 32/64/128 GB stick. And as for peripherals, i can either use the USB Host or Bluetooth.

What do you guys think? Would the Nexus 10 be a good replacement for a PC(a modest one)?