Lumia 920 Sales/Launch

So I've been keeping an eye on the 920's sales but the situation isn't very clear. I know the 920 sold out in 30 minutes on Amazon in China and has been selling out at most stores but...I also know based on a report from BGR that many stores are sold out, don't have enough stock, and people selling these phones still aren't very educated on the subject.

Frankly I think this is one of the worst launches I've ever seen. Not only did they wait until forever to get the 920 in people's hands but it's only on 1 US carrier. And many store reps still don't know a damn thing about Windows Phone. Is it really that difficult to have a phone come out on multiple carriers at once? Is it really that hard to have enough stock so people can actually buy the phone they want? Is it really that hard for AT&T and other stores to get there shit together and learn a little about the phone and the OS? I could teach a high school student about the 920 and WP in 30 minutes...these people are adults.

Anyway I'm picking up my 920 this month. But Microsoft, Nokia, AT&T, and everyone else involved botched this launch. I don't think it could have been an even bumpier launch...