Siri should be ubiquitous! When will she be?

I use Siri relatively heavily on my iPhone 4s...Basically organizes my life through reminders and calendar events. Everything I do is on there, and I never type a word, she does it all, hands free, and its great. But I'm always left wanting more. Here's why.

When I'm on my Mac, I should be able to use the dictation keystroke to give Siri commands to execute. No reason why not.

Here though, is the MOST IMPORTANT thing that makes Siri lacking for me. I own an Apple TV and I love it. It doesn't have a battery, so its always plugged in. More importantly, it should always be listening! I should be able to be near my living room and say something along the lines of "Siri, remind me at 7:30am tomorrow to take the trash out." And she that shit should be a wrap! In iCloud, totally accessible.

Why can't I do this yet? Am I the only one who wants this?