Does the Verge even care/try to fix user issues?

I've had a couple problems with the Verge site and they never seem to do anything about it.

First problem was a while ago. Text of my support email to them:

I think something is broken!

I visit your site often on my Kindle Fire using the Maxthon browser. It worked fine until yesterday when loading the main page reliably crashed the browser and made your site unviewable. I didn't have to click on anything, just let the page load, most of it loads, then the browser crashes and closes. Like I said, this is very new and different behavior and is not occurring at other sites I visit.

Priority: Seems Really Bad
Problem URL:
OS: Kindle Fire
Browser: Maxthon

Well, as I recall, nothing happened with that. Eventually I started visiting the sites mobile page so I don't know, maybe it's still happening.

Then a couple days ago, I had a different problem, so I sent this report in:

I think something is broken!

Loading main page freezes browser then recovers with pop up dialog box with text below:

"A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.


Have to cancel script to continue. How can your site's main page be so buggy? I had a problem a few weeks ago with your page not working at all with one of my main methods for browsing your site. I actually don't know if you fixed that yet because I've been using the mobile version lately because even when it was working, it was still a heavy site to load. You have major problems for a technology site that actually reviews other people's technology and would give terrible grades if one of them functioned as poorly as your own site does. Do better! :)

Priority: Seems Really Bad
Username: Duotronic
Problem URL:
OS: Windows 8
Browser: Firefox 16.0.2

Trying to light a fire under their butt. The problem is still there days later. My point to them stands, how can a tech site be so crummy with their own technology? Both cases have a status listed as "closed". That would suggest they fixed it. But they haven't. So are they just ignoring it? Why?