How about a feature about tech fanboys?

I did a quick Google search and I didn't see anything like this so forgive me if there is but I think it would be interesting to see a serious in-depth feature about fanboys and fanboyism - especially as Josh practically yells out "Who the hell are these crazy people we call our readers?!" every Vergecast.

You know how the NYT will find say, some crazy tea-party hotshot posting crazy comments and track them down in real life to interview them and they turn out to be this 75 year old couple on every form of government welfare available? It would be interesting to get a similar picture of the people behind the screen names in the tech community.

What separates an Apple vs Google vs Microsoft fanboy? What do the demographics look like? Are they shut-ins or are they social butterflies? Why do they have a compulsive need to brag about their purchases and put down others even if it won't change any minds? Do they actually think The Verge is conspiring against them or is this the media bubble effect (like how the Republicans were shocked at losing this past election because they live in this conservative media bubble that only tells them what they want to hear) How consistently misinformed is each group of fanboy for that matter? What does each fanboy think it the one issue the world should or ought to know about and how much of it has the average person on the street actually heard or care about the issue?

Are there any generalizations or similarities we can make with any one group? Do they really believe in what they write or are they admit to being overly dramatic because of the anonymity afforded by the internet? Do they feel like they are making an impact on the world? Are there seedy corners of the internet that few know about but are home to some of the craziest crackpots in the tech community? What are some of the craziest fanboy niches out there? How much of all of this do you suspect is actually just astro-turfing? Does any of this have any effect whatsoever outside of the tech blog/news/website/forum world?