Is the touch cover faster than an actual keyboard?

I've been using the touch cover for a week and a half now and I'm getting used to it, so much that I now type faster on it than I do in my keyboard. Granted I don't have a mechanical keyboard or anything like that, I use a generic Logitech K120, but I can definitively say that I'm faster with the touch cover than with that keyboard. The reason is pretty simple... the touch cover is multitouch and you can press several keys with very little delay between each press..., second, the fact that there is not key travel means your fingers do not need to travel as much, but unlike a touch screen keyboard, you have enough feedback to position where are keys and the typing area is the same as with a normal keyboard. I can type as fast as my brain and my hands allow. Its not only me but my wife loves the keyboard as well, she is a lot faster than me and much more accurate. Has anyone of you experienced the same?