Apple Mentality vs Microsoft Mentality

So I've been increasingly noticing something lately. Many Apple (and some Android) fans have adopted the Apple rhetoric that you should be buying two separate devices. A tablet and a laptop. You should not be buying a hybrid. In fact even The Verge itself has expressed this sentiment. What I don't understand is why. Many many people want a hybrid device. In fact I think it's very similar to Vlad's interpretation of the phablet concept, people's reaction to the iPad, and Steve Balmer's reaction to the iPhone.

Let me use my friend as an example. We'll call her Samantha. I'm a sophomore in college and so is she. She's looking to replace her aging MacBook with something new and something cheap. I cannot recommend her an iPad. Why? She needs Office. For many people, myself included, productivity = Office. And that's it. I noticed that on The Vergecast Josh, Tom, etc were surprised that so many people wanted a Surface for Office. But the reality is Office is a killer app. Now to be fair Office is coming to iPad next year but its going to be a basic version that won't have a lot of the things needed for students to get work done.

I can recommend Samantha a Surface. I know the build quality is excellent. I know it's only 600 dollars (she thought it would be around a grand). She can watch YouTube and Netflix, go on Facebook, and use Office. She also can use her device as a tablet which she wouldn't get with a MacBook or cheap Windows 7 PC. She'll be able to do all the things she could do before and more.

And there tons and tons of people just like her. The Apple mindset is that one shouldn't have a hybrid and should use two devices relatively separately. I think that within 5 years that mindset will no longer exist. In fact the hybrid concept is only going to get more prominent. Haswell, Intel's next gen processor, will bring the graphical power of an Xbox 360 and amazing battery life as well. One of my roommates who I'll call Robert is waiting for a Haswell tablet. He'll use it for gaming, work, media consumption. Everything. He doesn't need nor does he want a full fledged tower. He wants one device that can be as great as his Xbox, Laptop, and iPad. All in one device.

What do you think? Do you think the hybrid concept will take off or will it crash and burn?