Why is memory on our phones still limited and expensive?

Yes we have cloud and LTE so many people are saying you don't need it, and sometimes that is 100% true. But there is also reality and we don't always have fast data, and we don't have unlimited data. Also no cloud storage is unlimited either. Some of us are lucky that you can get wifi at your work, some like me are not. I easily run into issues staying under my data cap so cloud isn't everything for me. I need physical data on my phone. Our phones also keep doing more and bigger, now 1080 screens means bigger video files, higher mega pixel photos and better video is also more storage. Apps are getting bigger and bigger. All this and we are getting things like the Nexus 4 starting at 8gb, or the old and not changing Iphone memory tiers at $100 for each upgrade. Back in 2007 the n95 8bg was just that 8gb non expandable flagship. This was huge and i was thinking before we know it we will have phones with over 100gb storage. I know the nexus 4 can also be had at 16gb, but really think about that. It should be 32gb and 64gb, not 8 and 16. I saw this on twitter the other day

Price of 1 gigabyte of storage over time: 1981 $300,000 1987 $50,000 1990 $10,000 1994 $1,000 1997 $100 2000 $10 2004 $1 2012 $0.10

These mobile manufacturers make millions of phones, and their price for hard data storage has to be close to nothing. Why are we still paying huge prices, or being stuck 5 years in the past. 5 years in tech is huge. Right now only 1 phone that I know of can go over 100gb, and thats the Galaxy S3 at 64gb and expandable to another 64gb.

I know I'm a power user and a geek, but on my pc I have close to 1tb of music (a lot not available on your cloud player options), a few hundred gb's of comic books, around 500 gbs of videos, etc... I know I don't need it all, but no cloud service really helps have access to all of that in a good way, opera got rid of theres. I have a one x that is 16gbs non expandable, this is nothing. I have another phone with 64gb non expandalbe which works, and a 16 gb with a 64gb card and also works.

Here is my case why I want more storage. I want a variety of media because I don't know what I will be in the mood for. So I'm a big Arrested Development fan, so I'd like to toss all of it on my phone so I can watch an episode whenever I want, thats 20-30gigs with decent quality. I want to put a few comic series on there probally at least 5 gigs worth, a good chunk of music, at least 20 gigs worth. So I'm up to 45 gigs of non apps already. I like to download my podcasts instead of streaming because, I go through areas with horrible speed and if your streaming, get a text or call that interupts play, for that streaming to resume with slower speeds takes forever. I listen to a lot of podcasts so thats a few gigs I need to have in reserve. Now I have photos and videos I take, a few gigs. Now I'm sitting around 50 gigs. Then I have cloud to access other things I can't fit, spotify and lastfm for music, I have skydrive and dropbox for other random things.

The other reality that I live with is Data Tiers and Battery life. I have LTE but I live in milwaukee and its limited and 3g speeds keep getting slower, so taking things off the cloud can be horrible. The other day my niece wanted to see a video on youtube, she loves the lion king so I was going to youtube a trailer, my speeds were slow so I choose to download it instead of stream it and deal with the buffering. We were running some errands and no lte, just 3g. Took me 30 mins to download it. She is 4 so you can imagine how many times she asked is it done yet. So data and data speeds are not reliable. The battery life side is simple. We all struggle to get through a day with our phones. Well playing something is easier on a battery than downloading and playing it. So if I rely on the cloud for most of my media there is no way I'm going to last a day on a charge.

Sure I don't have to have everything I want, but with memory so cheap why not, why can't we have 32 as a standard starting point and expand up more. I keep hearing editor on these sites saying they "can live with 16gbs" but saying you "can live with something" is way different that being happy with something. With the price of data storage so cheap can't we be happy with the data storage on our phones. I understand wanting to keep the price down on the Nexus 4, but 8gbs starting to me is just as big of deal as leaving our LTE. Any phone with less than 32 for me is a deal breaker. And expandable isn't expensive, so at a minimum we should be seeing 32gb with expandable up to 64gb cards on a flagship. The only phone that seems to have it right is the GS3. 16/32/64 and expandable.