Trapped between a low res screen and a heavy tablet.

I had an iPad 2 for about 3 weeks. The apps were great but most of my content consumption is done on my back either on the couch or in bed and the iPad quickly went to the side replaced by my laptop on my chest. I sold the iPad 2 and told myself that I'd get another iPad whenever they got lighter and that would make them more viable content consumption machine. Then the 3rd gen was released and I loved the idea of having a retina display, especially after getting the Retina MacBook Pro the iPad 2 looked horrendous.



Still held off because it was too heavy. Then the iPad mini was released and I was tempted. I went and looked at one about an hour ago and the size and weight was amazing.



Then I started using it next to the 4th gen iPad and it was much slower and the screen looked quite a bit worst and it just felt overall like a much lesser product even though there is a significant price difference. I'm leaving for DC tomorrow to stay for about a week and I don't want to take my Retina MacBook pro with me (first world problems).

Also, I tried out a Surface and it is mostly a convoluted machine to take the place of the category Apple deemed for 'content consumption'. Most of the Metro apps felt like an afterthought in usability. I also looked at a Nexus 7 but that form factor just looks strange to me and using anything in landscape other than videos is not pleasant..



So hit me up with your experiences and opinions on tablets in general before I take the leap later today.