Race to secure Cyanogenmod web presence from former third party associate


With CyanogenMod 10 nearing the final lap, as being deemed mostly stable and almost bug free. The team has taken to their newly secured Facebook page to inform the public of an ongoing struggle to overcome a series of unfortunate events, which will see CyanogenMod.com domain go down and with it all @cyanogenmod.com email addresses.

These include the on-line impersonation of Steve Kondik (Mr. Cyanogen) by the former third party, through means of on-line referral deals with community sites and extortion of the CyanogenMod team, for the Cyanogenmod.com domain, in the sum of 10K USD.

As the team attempt to mitigate damage and continue to support the community, CyanogenMod.org has been created as a response.

In addition the Cyanogenmod team states on their Facebook page that "all donations, did indeed reach their destination and are not affected" and that if any other companies or persons have entered an agreement with "CM" they should contact Steve Kondik @ Shade@chemlab.org.



Forwarding has been enabled from Cyanogenmod.com to Cyanogenmod.org.

It also seems Cyanogenmod.org is having some difficulty and is currently unreachable.