How do you watch TV?


It's War for TV week here at The Verge — we're taking a deep look at the future of the living room and TV. It's wide open, actually; everyone we've talked to knows change is coming, but no one knows what it's really going to look like. So we thought we'd ask the experts: you. How are you watching TV in 2012? What are you doing in your living rooms? What are the best and worst products and experiences you're having? What would you improve?

Personally, my wife and I have FiOS TV and a bunch of movie channels, because that's mostly what we watch. Our DVR is a TiVo Premiere XL4 that we actively dislike — we only keep using it because it has four tuners and tons of storage, so we can record tons of stuff. Otherwise it's pathetically slow and clunky, and all of the integrated apps for services like Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix are so slow that they're not at all worth using.

Our second-most used device is a second-gen Apple TV — I haven't upgraded to the 1080p one yet, mostly because I keep forgetting. But we use AirPlay from our iPhones and iPad a ton, and I have AirFoil on my Mac to stream Spotify. We also rent most of our movies and use Netflix on the Apple TV, even though I think they look better on the PS3 — the nicer, faster interface just makes it more pleasant.

I play most of my games on my Xbox 360 — right now it's all Madden 2013 with a side of Assassin's Creed. I keep trying to use the various Xbox video and TV stuff, but I hate paying for rentals with points instead of actual dollars, and the FiOS TV app has an extremely limited channel selection. It's also really slow and looks much worse than the TiVo. I do use the 360 for HBO Go — that's how I got into Game of Thrones. That was a great experience.

On Sundays I turn on my PS3 to watch NFL Sunday Ticket — I'm a Packers fan, so that's usually the only way I can watch the game in New York. It's not a terrific experience: the app is slow to load, slow to buffer, and lags behind real time action so I usually already know what's going to happen because of Twitter and my fantasy tracker. And the quality is just okay — the iPad app is much better overall. But I want to watch football on my 50-inch Kuro, dammit.

So that's my setup. In my ideal world either the Xbox or the Apple TV would integrate live TV and DVR (somehow) and I'd basically just have a single main box and the PS3 for Sunday Ticket. And Uncharted. Uncharted is great.

What's your situation?