I can honestly not comprehend how Android got so pretty lately

This is it. With the release of Jellybean 4.2, Android is now the most beautiful OS I have ever seen (mobile or otherwise).

I know, it's an opinion - and I present it as nothing more than that.

Having been around Android/iOS/WP7+ for the last 3-4 years I had to accept that, as much as I loved Android for its capabilities, stock Android looked like crap. Seriously, stock Android up until (and including) Gingerbread was a disaster as far as looks went. I totally loved Sense back then and as far as I am concerned it still is the best third party skin for Android.

Suddenly ICS appeared. It could have been called Android: A New Hope as far as I was concerned. Now that was more like it! ICS showed taste, elegance and some unity throughout the interface. It truly was Android regenerated. JB was a refinement in many ways but the addition of another breathtakingly beautiful app/service (Google Now) showed that Google/Matias meant business.

This morning I got my update to JB 4.2 for my Nexus 7. The new lockscreen clock is a revelation. I still think that the lockscreen widgets are kinda clunky and limited (I bet their true power will be unleashed as soon as developers start creating their own) but the looks are, well, damn! Even the wallpapers are delightful.

Yes, there are some annoyances. The N7 screen is too little for two drop-downs IMHO (one for notifications on the left and one for settings on the right) whereas on the N10 screen it must be more comfortable to use. Also, when I add time for other locations in that awesome clock app, I'd prefer it if there was a setting so that the extra locations wouldn't appear on the lockscreen.

Anyway, got to go.

TL;DR: Jellybean 4.2 looks AWESOME.