Chapel Hill Buzzes About The Fuzz

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has been taken over by The Fuzz. Students in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at UNC created the new media campaign to show the power of new media technologies and its influence over publics.

Using social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram, the team of students has generated a lot of buzz around campus about The Fuzz – a scavenger hunt taking students around Chapel Hill with "The FUZZet List: The Ultimate UNC 3 Week Bucket List." The FUZZet List has been played across the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area and will culminate in a large-scale event this Friday, complete with music and prizes. The Fuzz is also working with different new media organizations, like and its mobile college coupon app.

"Our team is truly showing the power of social media," said Callie Henson, The Fuzz project manager. "The social media channels have been trending in Chapel Hill for the past few weeks and I am very excited to see how students continue to interact with The Fuzz online and on campus."

Many sponsors, including Red Bull, Triangle Youth Ballet, State Traditions, Qdoba, and Playmakers Repertory Company, have donated prizes to be given out to students that participate in The FUZZet List. The Fuzz Team is also promoting these local businesses on the social media outlets, which have been gaining many followers daily.

The initiative is promoting Musical Empowerment, a UNC program that lends musical instruments to underprivileged children in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro community. Any monetary proceeds gained throughout the campaign will be donated to Musical Empowerment.

UNC adjunct professor and founder of rAVe Publications, Gary Kayye, assigned the project to his two new media technologies classes in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Both classes are creating different new media campaigns for a competition called, "The New Media Wars."

"The future of marketing and advertising is reflected in this project," said Kayye. "Using new media technologies and creative marketing, the students behind THE FUZZ were able to unite local businesses and students for a good cause."

This marketing campaign has opened many eyes to all the possibilities of new media technologies and what it can do for any business. Social media has brought the power of voice back to the brand. No longer does a brand need to rely on a reporter to get its news and story out there.

The Fuzz team got their story out there on their own through different social media channels and self-publishing news websites. For example, the team was approached by Susanna Gebauer, the founder of the social platform, to write a story about The Fuzz for the global communications news source based in Berlin. The Fuzz has been featured on local PR agency blogs and different self-publishing news websites like The Third Report, All Voices and Pitch Engine. The team even has a Huffington Post story written about the new media campaign.

As for today, The Fuzz's YouTube page has nearly 2,000 views total. Followers on Twitter and likes on Facebook grow everyday. And most importantly, the Fuzz is truly buzzing around campus. Everyone wants to know the buzz about The Fuzz. Have you heard the buzz about The Fuzz?