Samsung GS3 vs HTC One X+ vs LG Optimus G on AT&T?

I'm looking to buy a new smartphone on AT&T, and I'm leaning towards one of these phones. Which one should I buy?

S3: Removable battery, SD Card, better accessory availabily

But it's older now, has pentile AMOLED, and only a Dual Core processor

HTC One X+: Better screen, quad core processor, better feel in hand

But it doesn't' have a removable battery or sd card expansion

LG Optimus G: It's like the Nexus 4, but has 4G and expandable memory and is sold through AT&T.

But it's by LG (build quality, software support issues)

I would probably root and install a ROM on whatever phone I get, though are the HTC and LG's bootloaders unlocked?