Am I missing something?

Maybe I'm just a skeptical Apple fanboy in constructing this post, though I admit there has been some very enticing MS endorsed devices released lately.

My question: why on earth would anyone choose a Surface over something like the IdeaPad Yoga? Sure, size is a factor, but not really a critical and enormous difference.

The fragmentation between Windows 8 and RT makes virtually no sense considering the fact that the hardware is so similar. The difference in say, a Surface, and a Yoga is not distinctly obvious at all. At least, not compared to a MacBook and an iPad.

And with rumors of Microsoft's own take on a tablet / laptop combo just around the corner, won't the surface become even more irrelevant?

The surface aims to be slightly more productive than the iPad, but when I could just get a slightly larger device and get the near of both worlds, why wouldn't I?