What is the iPad mini too small for?

When the iPad mini was announced, there was a lot of hullabaloo over the interwebs over the surprising dimensions of the device and there was consequently great cheer among people who almost immediately caved in to the idea of reading books on tablets. I get that it's light and almost optimal for reading in terms of size, but reading isn't my main desire from a tablet.

I really like the full-sized iPad as a package, and the mini does show that good things come in small ones too, but is it too small for...well, anything? In your time spent with the iPad mini, is there anything which made you think that it was more fit for a large iPad? Or is it the same experience (albeit 2 times slower and non-Retina, both of which will change soon) as the larger iPad, only better for reading, or is it really deficient in some things? Of the top of my head, word processing on it seems like a concern.

P.S. Scaled screenshots for such stuff will be highly appreciated, especially those of Apple's iWork suite