Here is where Google Play failed at selling the new Nexii devices

I don't know much about the business of sales, but something tells me companies must have someone with a job of estimating production volumes, predicted sales and plan the sales based on that. Google could have (should have) estimated insufficient supply to meet demand on launch day and limited purchase by each customer to 2 units or something. I'm saying something like this on eBay just sucks.

I'm not against those eBay sellers. If they can make money selling them to desperate international buyers, that's fine, good luck to them. But what makes you doubt those ebay brokers and countless others like them have already ordered that many of devices on launch day? while excited loyal users are left out. Some of those listings have as many as 30+ devices (use advanced search). Those brokers are targeting the Nexus devices specifically for the low prices and chances of high profits! In reality, there's a good chance that those ebay buyers will get the phone before others who are waiting for a restock on Google Play. I know "let them enjoy it at that price", but this a flagship device we're talking about here, it needs a proper launch.

I was able to order the Nexus 4 I wanted yesterday. This post is not out of bitterness, it's just wrong!