The atmosphere within the Tribe is... really tribal.

I love technology. I really do. I'll point out that I use Apple products; mainly because they suit me best, I love their designs of both hardware/software, and they ultimately get the job done. That said, in no way I am closed minded to any of the other big tech companies offerings (contrary to the stereotype often dumped upon me), as I find them very interesting, as well. Whilst I may not like these new products sometimes, I mainly keep it to myself, and I certainly don't force my opinion upon others.

That forcible plastering of the general opinion (MSFT is untouchable) onto those whom voice their qualms, their creative criticisms, their dislikes and the labelling of such individuals as trouble-making 'trolls' is one of my fundamental problems with the Microsoft Tribe. While it happens in the other forums, specifically the Apple Core and Android Army, it is in no way on par with the level present here, in the tribe. Frankly, it's idiotic. It's human nature to have differences, as is it also to voice them. Whilst there are people who feed off the negative-reactions to their purposely anger-enticing posts, there aren't many, and the line between those who do so and those who don't seems very fine here. That is what I absolutely despise. Why can there not be a friendly, open for discussion and accepting atmosphere within the Tribe? Why does it have to be a barrage (literally, three months ago there were 3900ish posts, now, there are 5561 and counting*) of negativity, of flawed comparisons, of extremely subjective, biased and one-sided opinions and complaints of 'unfair' reviews, amongst the far less, actually worthwhile, constructive posts?

Can you guys take into consideration what I've said, if you disagree, please state why calmly in the below comments. The Tribe is the best place to discuss anything Microsoft, so can you please attempt to reduce these problems, and make this section of the forums even greater. I end up posting my opinions, mostly correcting people's unexperienced, one sided views of non-Microsoft products, such as the recent 'Why Microsoft laptops are better than x laptops'. Don't consider me a 'troll', I merely strive to give people a more multi-faceted view of things.

Thank you,


*I understand that during this period, Microsoft was (and is) going through a massive change with the launch of their brand new Surface RT, Windows 8, Windows 8 phones, Office 13 etc. But a significant portion of posts contained the the above listed idiocies.