New iMac.

Hey everyone! Hope all is well. So I'm really excited about the new iMac. I was just about to grab one before the refresh but i held off. I'm in the need for another desktop machine for work. Anyone in apple land planing on getting one? Are you excited about it? I'm in need of a new desktop. In my shop i use a windows machine and i'm usually on that during the day for projects/printing. A lot of times i'm working on projects at night though. I'd like to have a nice desktop setup away from my office at home. At night i'm currently doing a lot of them on my Macbook pro which has been great, but I'm really wanting to start designing projects on the larger screen. My neighbor grabbed an iMac a few months ago and i helped him set it up. I really enjoyed Mountian Lion on the iMac. Woud love to hear your thoughts on it. Would you guys go for the fusion drive option?