After demanding $4 billion for the Xbox, Motorola now also wants 2.25% of Microsoft Surface Revenue

I don't know about you but Google has just totally went off the deep end of Idiot Let Me Royally Screw Myself Falls.

Basically they are now trying to use WiFi FRAND(because of H.264) to extort MS. Saw this first on Microsoft News and then on N TV in Germany with a little more in-depth info. The anti-trust have already said they will add this to Google/Motorola's abuse of FRAND case and that Apple will be joining MS in counter arguments. Will update later with more info on this case.

Update: Google is now being recommend for Anti-trust by the EC anti-trust commission for dumping practices related to Android also combined with the abuse of FRAND by its subsidiaries, on top of the data stealing they are being hit with from CNL in France this is not turning into a good year to be Google.