Why Lockscreen?

I recently noticed that many of my collegues and friends don't have a pincode or any other security mesure set on their phones. I'm the same - i don't used any security with my Galaxy Nexus Lockscreen so i thought to myself that the lockscreen is pretty useless in that case.

After a three days Trial of disabling the lockscreen completely i can safely say that it made my phone interactions more smooth and i didn't notice any problems with it. The only thing i missed is a fast way to play / pause my music but a homescreen widget fixed that for me.

I also didn't ever turn on the Phone in my pocket. I see that this could be a problem if you use different hardware, maybe buttons that only need very soft presses but for now i'm pretty happy with it.

What does the android community think about it? Or do you all use your phones with patterns, pincodes and face recognition?