Is Qualcomm Going to Dominate the Mobile World?

Hello Android Army. This is going to be my first post here.

So, I was just thinking about this. Could Qualcomm's Snapdragon chips dominate the entire mobile world? There is a great number of devices using the Snapdragon chips, like the latest and greatest(?) Nexus 4 with the S4 Pro. And this number is increasing.

What about the others? Samsung uses their proprietary Exynos for their flagships. There's also Nvidia's Tegra, used by Asus and some others, like HTC in the One X. Apple uses their own Ax processors. And TI decided recently to pull out of the mobile industry. I'd like to see more of Intel and their Clover Trail, but it hasn't made quite a bang just yet.

So, I'm not saying that the Snapdragon chips suck by any means, but I'd like to have a greater variety out there. Because every phone would seem the same if every OEM decided to use only one chip.