Pro - Con for Surface Pro v. RT

Dear world,

I am currently a college-student [University of Glasgow, wooh!] and I slavishly lug around an old Hp Dv6 to every lecture. The problems is that the Hp dv6 is both heavy and clunky. It is a 15.6 inch gordito with innards that do not necessarily warrant a fan capable of expelling all the flames from a burning lecture hall, yet HP chose to courteously include the fan/ veritable jet engine. [I have both disabled the "always on" setting in Bios and turned down clock-speeds, but the thing just loves to torture me by making a loud revving sound throughout all lectures.] Moreover, the battery life is just around 50 minutes with Wifi disabled, screen brightness at minimum and the DVD drive entirely disabled [ I assume that the fan is draining the battery, reaching mach five speeds is not easy people!]. I am in the college of arts and during the day primarily work in Onenote, but I also regularly use Adobe creative suite programs. Bearing all this in mind, could you help me draw up a pro-con list for the Surface Pro versus Surface RT. [Other touch-screen PC suggestions are also appreciated.]

The benefits I see the Pro as having over the RT are:

Wacom Digitizer and Pen

The whole, I can run Windows on my Windows thing.

On the other hand the RT has:

Superior battery life [Unless the warlocks at Microsoft somehow imbue the battery with unicorn blood or the like]

Thinness/ Lightness

So, internet, can you help me draw up a Pro-Con list over the Surfaces and perhaps predict some of the potential shortcomings of the Surface Pro?