The only reason i kept my Surface RT is because of its SECURITY STRENGTH

I bought an RT in Times Square NY location. I loved it but was worried that I wouldn’t get the full experience on it like I did with my laptop when I upgraded it from Windows 7 to Windows 8. Well, after 3 days of playing with it I decided that I was going to bring it back. I couldn’t watch Cablevision on it since there is no app for it on RT yet. So I boxed it up and brought it to a local Microsoft kiosk. They couldn’t give me all the cash back because it wasn’t a brick and mortar store. They wanted to give me $250 and a refund check. I said no and that I’ll bring it back to the brick and mortar store in Times Square. I went home and wanted to do some banking on my Windows 8 laptop and that’s when it hit me….voilà!!! I will use my RT for any banking or trading or anything else that has sensitive security issues. After all, even with my Windows 8 PC , I still got a virus, the damn Green Dot, you have illegally downloaded pirated content on your PC. I reinstalled Malwarebytes on my computer to finally get rid of the virus and that’s why I kept the RT…FOR SECURITY!!! Ps...If you want to watch porn on RT, good luck finding it...I couldn't. Porn sites are ideal breeding grounds for viruses, malware and anything else bad for your computer you can think of. Pps. BTW,the Type Cover is amazing ...ABSOLUTELY AMAZING !!! KUDOS TO MICROSOFT!!!!!