Zune flashes with 120hz monitors?

So I've noticed a weird phenomenon recently and it's occurred to me that it's only started happening when I switched the primary monitor on my gaming rig (which I also sync Zune on) to the Asus VG278H, my first 120hz monitor (and my first desktop TN that I've sat in front of more than a couple of hours in a long, long time).

As you know Zune launches itself automatically when I've got it for wireless syncing and what I noticed is that when I have the Zune client running and visible in the background, the whole screen flashes to black then back from time to time. It doesn't happen often enough beyond a brief wtf' and all I do is just minimise the Zune client, but anyone know why it could be? I know the Zune client is fairly GPU-dependent so I was thinking there might be something there. Nothing else has changed - well, I did change the NVidia drivers but that's it.