Galaxy Note 2 questions

Hey guys. My contract is coming up in a few weeks and I am looking to get a new phone. The last phone I bought was the HTC thunderbolt and I had a horrible experience. It was sluggish, it froze up and restarted on me all the time. The battery was ridiculous, It maybe lasted 3 hours without a charge. I bought the extended battery and it usually lasted the work day for me but I still found myself killing apps which is annoying. After about a year I got a free HTC trophy from the windows store and replaced my thunderbolt and I liked it. I liked windows mobile that I was all set on getting a windows phone 8, either the Ativ S or the 8X. But I saw a video review of the Note II and I was totally blown away. I thought it was so cool. The OS seemed very fluid and responsive which is one of my favorite things about my WP and one of the things i hated the most about my thunderbolt. I love the size of the phone. I read a lot of email and surf the internet constantly on my phones so the size is a plus for me. Because of some limitations with WP im considering coming back to android specifically for the note 2. My question for any Note 2 owner is mainly about the battery life. I consider myself to be a heavy user and do not want to have to use an extended batt(if they even have one) because the phone is already big as it is.