48+ hours with the 920

I finally got my 920 on Tuesday, and I thought that I might post something of my experience with phone so far. First of all, I'm coming off of an iPhone 4 that I've been using for the past two years (and a 3G the two years before that). I did generally enjoy using the iPhone, and never really though about using Android (which my wife has, so I have some experience) because it didn't really appeal to me. My computers have always been Windows though, the flexibility and function fits for me. And though I use Macs every day at work, they have never really grown on me...

When I started hearing about Windows Phone, I was intrigued; but I decided to wait since I started looking in to the platform it was shortly after the Lumia 900s had been released, the rumors and snippets of info about WP8 were already flying though, so I decided to wait. When Nokia announced the 920 is September, I decided that it was my next phone.

Now on to my experience so far:

I have been watching all the news on this phone like a hawk, so when the weight issues kept cropping up I was concerned... When I finally opened the box and took my phone out my first reaction was to smack almost every single review writer out there. Is the 920 185g? Yes. Is it heavy? No. Anvils are heavy, large buckets of water are heavy, stoves are heavy, elevators full of sensationalist bloggers are heavy. The 920 is not heavy. Does it weigh more than the iPhone, and most other phones out there? Yes, undeniably. But seriously, if you're reading a review, and getting nervous about the weight, just get the phone and return it if its "heavy" to you. I also remember someone saying that they could clearly hear the lens moving due to the OIS when they shook it. I think they need to exchange their phone, because something is broken. There's not a peep coming from mine that sounds like a shaking lens (maybe they forgot the install the OIS in mine? Pictures say otherwise...).

The fit in my hand is great, and I don't have the largest hands in the world. It's certainly taking some getting used to though, coming from the iPhone 4. Grabbing it in a natural way will probably take some getting used to with the buttons all aligned on one side they way they are, but once I got used to them I like the "side squeeze" action of hitting the power button than the "top squeeze" action of hitting the iPhone's power button. I occasionally need to do things double handed to work the phone, but for the casual usage I can usually get away with one hand without even thinking twice. This screen is amazing, by the way. Crisp and clean, so much so that many of the 7.5 apps that haven't been upgraded show it severely. No screen lag, and only once or twice have I noticed it drop frame rates during transition animations, but that's all it does is drop the animation slightly, it doesn't seem to affect load time.

I'm still looking around for apps, in particular a good free RSS reader (google reader support would be great). Pandora is still missing for the moment, but I was able to snag a Facebook app, Accuweather, and a few games for free. Speaking of Facebook... The OS integration is great! A coworker messaged me through Facebook this morning, and it popped right up on my phone in the message app, on my iPhone this would have been a horrendous chore (and severely delayed), but on the WP8 checking messages, statuses, and photos is so easy I'm almost never using the actual app. Music plays just fine, and with the exception of Pandora, I'm very happy (Nokia music is a nice substitute for now, as well as the 30 day Xbox music trial).

There are a few... quirks...

Some of the things that bother me are ones that I've heard about. The vibrate on the phone does rattle... but it almost sounds like it's overpowered to me, maybe its fixable with a patch from Nokia? The battery is being a little wonky as well, and Microsoft might need to do a little tuning of how the battery icon at the top updates with the actual percentage (60% still looks like 90-80% to me).

The live tiles sometimes don't update as fast as I'd like them. For instance, I have a live tile battery gauge app and I can't figure out how often it's supposed to update, sometimes it'll say something like 80% for 10-20min, but if I open it up after that time it will refresh the tile down to the "real" amount of charge is. I'm sure this is a balance of updating balance, so as not to tax the battery needlessly, but I wish there were manual controls for tile updates.

Bing lock screen hasn't been updating automatically... I don't know why, if I go and deselect/reselect the option in settings it changes, but I don't wake up each day to it doing it on its own... Minor annoyance, patchable.

The screen's mode that allows for using non-capacitive touch is touchy sometimes, but the rule of thumb seems to be the less "capacitive" the more surface area you need. But it is sensitive enough to easily use finger nails, and I can often scroll and select things by holding my finger just off the screen (almost touching though, very close).

Bluetooth headset has crashed it a couple of times, but I have a headset that is almost 4 years old, so I don't know if newer device are more stable. That being said, it was really easy to pair both the headset and my car (Sync) with the phone.

Also, the back of the phone does get hot... About one inch down from the top, when doing something like heavy downloading, or playing a game for a while, will make it very, very warm. Not enough to bother me, but more than enough to take notice of.

All in all I'm very satisfied. Apps are somewhat hard to find at the moment, but it's only been a couple weeks since launch when developers got their hands on the SDK, so I'll give them time. I still have most of what I need, and nothing I can't live without.

Feel free to ask me any questions about the phone.


Pros: Great phone, responsive, amazing screen, good fit in the hand, not heavy

Cons: Some software glitches, battery control might need tweaking, micro-usb is a little loose (not terrible)