I do Like these Users Profiles....A lot.

I'm sure of us are still on our Nexus 4 high and lows. I actually ordered a Nexus 10 for my wife, but my Nexus 7 got the update yesterday. So I figured, well, even though it is my tablet, I would setup a profile for the wife just to allow her to access her stuff from my tablet in case she needs to.

I must say, user profiles is pretty nifty and it is well implemented. Kinda reminds me of my WIndows 7 login screen. I think about people with kids or couples who share tablets and I think it is about time someone gave us user profiles on tablets, as for many people they are shared devices.

One main thing I was thinking about was having a user profile for Work and Home. So I can keep my personal stuff completely segmented from by work stuff. For example my wife's school email requires security on the tablet, so her profile has security and my doesn't. I thought this was kind of cool

Anyway just throwing it out there. Has anyone played around with their user profiles or found different uses for it?