Samsung just blew my mind

I just installed Samsung's 4.1.2 leaked ROM for the Galaxy S2. And this time they practically brought all the features from the S3 to it. Many will call them gimmicks, but in some sense it was a much bigger update than stock JB was for Nexus owners.

Nature UX is here, the new launcher (I really like its folders), Smart Stay, Video pop up, S3's lockscreen, S3's notification drawer, 50 GB of Dropbox, Smart Buddy, and all the regular 4.1 improvements, like Google Now and a fully functional (as opposed to CM's buggy implementation) project butter, etc.

I'm very pleased, and the rumor is even better, is said that Samsung may not release this to the public because they're evaluating the possibility of updating straight to 4.2.



Kudos to Samsung :)