How do you use Gmail, on iPad?

I am thinking of making a new gmail app for the iPad (then other devices), and wanted to know how people use their gmail on their iPads. (sorry if inappropriate forum).

1.Do you use labels? If yes, how many labels do you actively, and how many you have in total?

2. Do you archive/delete/ just mark as read unimportant email?

3 .How many emails do you get daily? How many of them do you open and read? or do you just mark them as read?

4. Do you star emails?

5. How often do you get attachments?

6. Are you willing to pay for a premium Gmail experience? $0.99?$1.99?$4.99?

7. What is your prefered medium to read/write/sort email?

If this is wrong furum to post this, if you know a better forum to ask people, please tell me, thanks in advance!