Nexus 4 made me a believer again.

I missed the Google Play ordering of a Nexus 4 so decided to renew my contract and buy through T-Mobile the next day.

I woke up early, saw the Nexus 4 for sale and ordered one right away. I paid for Next day shipping and low and behold, it showed up at my door as promised this morning. I quickly unboxed and I was throughly impressed.

You see I had grown tired of Android. I have been an Android user since Day Zero. I followed the blogs and chased down leaks of what was then called the "HTC Dream" and bought the G1 the moment it went live.

I've owned 15 Android phones since then, including every Nexus device and nearly every T-Mobile Android phone that was released. I would buy my phones off contract from T-mobile and sell the old phone at a loss.

After 14 devices I was tired of Android. Well not really android, but more so the state of the ecosystem. From bloatware to updates that never came to bad battery life and buggy OEM skins, I was just ready to leave. I had switched to Mac 3 years ago and it was the single greatest tech decision I had made and I was ready to go the way of the iPhone.

Then I decided to give the Galaxy Nexus a go. And ICS and Jelly Bean completely brought me back in. I was using an HTC Amaze previous to the GN and it was buggy, bloated and I hated Sense and I just didnt have the time or patience to root the devices like I did in my early days.

But finally with the Galaxy Nexus, the android UI had matured, its lag had vanished and it was very beautiful. BUT as happy as I was with the Galaxy Nexus software, I still believed that the hardware was lackluster. I still believe the Nexus One was the phone all my future phones were held up too in the hardware department and the GN fell short. Sure I loved its specs, which even still were not cutting edge, but performance was so I wasn't bother by it much. The camera however really bugged me, as I could capture amazing photos in the day but very poor at night. Overall the Galaxy Nexus was part dream phone and part plastic garbage.

Then, the moment I laid my hands on the Nexus 4, I knew it was going to bring my passion back for Android... and a full day in it has. The hardware feels expensive, the software is perfect, the Specs are literally top of the line and its also beautiful in my opinion.

Sure some will complain that the Nexus 4 is lacking LTE but I'm a T-Mobile user and in Cincinnati, its damn fast. I am literally pulling 12MBPS download and 3mbps upload and Cincinnati is only a 21MBPS city. I'm a firm believer than once you cross the 10mbps threshold on a phone, your not really gonna see that big of an improvement if you go faster. The bottleneck will be the actual browser, not the data speeds. So do I miss LTE? No way and the battery draw of HSPA+ is much better.

So I thought I'd share my story... The Nexus 4 is what I have been waiting for since 2009. Its perfection in a phone.