So a guy walks into a Verizon impression of the WP8 setup at my local Verizon Wireless store, and choosing between the 822 and the 8X

My wife's contract is soon to be up, so I decided to head to my local Verizon store to check out the two WP8 devices that they will be offering (Lumia 822 and HTC 8X). I was rather surprised to see that WP8 had as big a wall display setup as the Droid Razr phones. I ambled up to the phones on display and my first thought was "sweet! Actual live phones, not stupid dummy mock-ups!"

Upon closer examination, there was only the black and white versions of the Lumia 822. There was an empty phone dock to the right of the other phones. I figured that must be for the 8X. Anyways, much to my surprise, located on the counter directly beneath the wall display was a Surface - set into the counter so that all that was visible was the screen. MS is obviously trying to build on the association with Windows 8 and WP8.

I have actually really gone back and forth between the Lumia 822 and the 8X. I have a Trophy myself and have been relatively happy with it, though the hardware is certainly middling at best. Anyways, the cheaper price, and Nokia app selection have me very intrigued. Of course, the 8X has a better screen and a pretty sexy design. That being said, I was actually impressed with the build quality of the Lumia 822 (yes, it is "plasticky" but it didn't feel too cheap in my hand). The phone is very light, and while its not razr (see what I did there?) thin, it is certainly thinner than my Trophy. The screen also popped quite a bit with that Verizon red color for the live tiles. Moving around the OS felt reeeaaaallly snappy. I hadn't realized how long it takes to open apps on my Trophy. Unfortunately, I wasn't able look at too much text - neither device was connected to the in-store wifi and the data connection wasn't activated so I couldn't check out how websites looked for instance. Seeing that this phone is only $50 reportedly ( in store at Best Buy seems to be a killer deal. If the screen isn't noticeably poor compared to the 8X, I'll most likely spring for the 822.

Ok, so where was the 8X? I ambled over a bored store rep leaning against the wall and asked her if she knew when the HTC 8X would be in store. She replied that she had not heard of that phone.....

I rather sarcastically replied that its the phone displayed on that massive Windows Phone 8 sign on the wall. She went into the back to find more information. She came back out and said in a rather wishy washy manner that they didn't know when it would be in store, "but that it would be in by the end of the month, definitely before December."

I was pretty surprised that it was going to be that delayed. And that she had no idea what the flagship WP8 device on Verizon even was.

So I still haven't had the opportunity to play with the 8X, but I am seriously considering just getting the 822 (the wife will get my Trophy, as it will be her first smartphone and she doesn't care too much, lucky me!). Perhaps my decision will be make more difficult when I get to try out the 8x in person but for now, I am probably leaning towards the 822 (price, same internals, Nokia apps etc)!

Anyone else feel slightly torn between the two phones?? Would love to hear your thoughts!