Surface Pro as Primary Machine?

Hey guys, I have been doing a lot of thinking of what windows 8 machine to buy to take with me to college, and there are so many choices that I have been overwhelmed. I think the surface rt is a great device that will get better over time with patches and updates, but owning a laptop and a pseudo-ultraportable seems a little redundant and wasteful for this students' limited budget. I feel like the surface pro is a better option if I get an external monitor and usb 3.0 dock, effectively making this a desktop, laptop, and tablet. Based on what we know about the surface pro and other Win 8 pro devices, do you think the surface pro is a good multi-use solution for a student?

P.S.- I forgot to mention what I would use it for. I'm going in as an engineering major, so I will need to be able to run not only office but also x86 only software like matlab and solid edge. I've considered getting a desktop and using remote desktop on an rt or atom tablet and it would still be considered an option if someone has had a similar experience and liked it.