Facebook connect annoyance

Dear Verge development team,

Currently when a user logs in or registers via facebook connect - the connecting page (where the credential handshaking is happening) redirects you back to the main verge homepage. This is annoying if you are logging in or registering with the intent of commenting on a specific post - as you then have to find your way back to this page, reload the comments and find where ever you were planning to insert a reply. \

I'm not sure if this is a browser or OS specific issue, for my part via Chrome on OSX.

Ideally the connect action should happen on page without the need for a redirect or page refresh so as not to disrupt the user experience. This is particularly a daunting task for new users, who may of landed on the page via search or another 3rd party and have yet to become familiar with the IA of the website. I understand at a technical level this is not necessarily an easy task, but would smooth this process out significantly and improve your conversion rate of registered user > registered user who comments.

If you guys could have a look at that, I would be eternally grateful as it is a thorn in an otherwise great site!

Many thanks, from a UX guy who cares.