Help me move to iPhone from Android

Hello folks. I have been an Android user since December 2010. I have had HTC Desire Z for the most part and since last month or so, I have been using a loaned Galaxy S II. I also have a Nexus 7 since past couple of months.

Since past two years, I have been utterly frustrated and disappointed at the lag of Android 2.2 and 2.3, at the countless tries to find that one ROM which will JUST work. I have also been completely impressed with ICS and JB on Nexus 7 and the amount of stuff it can do. I am in bad need of an upgrade right now and can't seem to decide between iPhone 5 and Nexus 4. I really WANT an iPhone but I have few things I have been used to doing on Android. So, I am posting my questions here in Apple forum, hoping some of you Android converts might help me answer that.

Please note that this is not a comparison post of any sorts. I will list down few ABSOLUTELY must things I do on Android and not something like, I can't live without notifications of Android or the settings blah blah blah. Let me tell you that my current state of mind is that I am totally in love with Jelly Bean and I am really hoping people here can convince me that iOS isn't bad either. SO, lets jump in.

Things I anticipate iPhone will bring: STABILITY (90% reason I am considering iPhone)

1. Battery life: I had a bad experience couple of days back, when my S II dies in 4 flat hours. There was intermittent signal issues, but this left me with huge pain. I can absolutely not have my phone dying on me. iPhone for sure will bring certainess and I can anticipate it to last the work day or at least give me enough juice to find a charging plug.

2. Stability: My business breathes on mobile. So, the wait of 1 minute or so to dial that number, to take down that note, to open that mail, is unaffordable when with a client. I know for sure that iPhone will ALWAYS just work and will never have these problems. I have learnt the hard way that rooting/jailbreaking is required only if the software the phone shipped with is not 100% matching with the hardware. I don't anticipate this problem with iPhone and so this is good.

3. iMessage and good quality apps: Self explanatory (quality of apps being debatable but I have convinced myself that iPhone should be better)

Things on Android I can't think of living without and hoping the community can give me alternatives to the scenarios:

1. Google Maps (60% factor): I know Apple maps are decent in US and Europe, but I live in UAE. If the problem is bad in 1st world countries, I can only imagine what would be the state in UAE. I am new to this country and map is absolute must and navigation is ALMOST ALMOST equally important. I am willing to let go navigation, if folks living in UAE can vouch for map ata on iPhone. I really can not emphasis this enough

2. Sharing (40% factor): I know this is irrelevant but hear me out. I have two main requirements: Ability to share almost anything through whatsapp and gmail. Everything else is manageable. I need to be able to forward pdfs, photos, docs in DROPBOX or incoming email via WhatsApp and Gmail. If I click on 'Email' link, it will take me to default mail app and I don't want to configure that with Gmail for obvious reasons. Another scenario is that let us say I have an email with an attachment. I want the ability to save this attachment and forward it to completely different person without having to use FORWARD option of email. Let us not get into why can't you and so on. I have my reasons. Third thing is that if I get an image in whatsapp or imessage, I should be able to reshare it via email (again Sparrow and not mail app) So, please please help me out here for an alternative.

3. Update: I know this should never be coming in Android section. But with the unpredictability of Apple hardware updates, and the way they keep cutting off the features for older phones, I am afraid whether the phone will last for at least 2.5 years or not. If I can get HTC Desire Z to last for two years, I am really hoping for iPhone hardware to last me through at least 2.5 years. I do consider myself a tech junkie so yeah having latest and greatest in terms of software is pretty important for me.

4. There are lots of other things like: ability to choose default for everything but I can work with copying the link and opening it in Chrome, mods, hacks, etc, sharing menu is vast , widgets, awesome notification one click shortcuts, perfect settings menu, etc... I absolutely love Android but I am pretty sure my Nexus 7 will help me not miss it.

5. Price; I really can not afford spending $750 vs $400 on a phone but believe it or not, I am ready to make that investment for the sake of stability.

So, please guys, help me find a good solution to convert to iOS from Android (for the first 3 points). Really looking forward to be blown away by the Apple community.