Just some food for thought. (Screens)

Okay. Hi. Hello.

We all now that the Nexus 10 has a beautiful ultra-hi res display, which the graphical processing might to power it. Since Android is a Linux operating system, is it possible to make a modification to change the screen resolution? I know, I know, crazy question. I know nothing of the matter and would be grateful for enlightenment :).

It would be cool if the Nexus 10 could scale down to 1920x1200 to conserve battery life or even 1280x800 (dunno who would though). Plus, with an A15 processor and 9000mA, the battery could really go the extra mile when you don't need the pixels.

So, what do you think? For one, is it possible? And is it through mechanical (screen itself) or software?

Thanks, and stay awesome!